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Keller 2017-2018 TRYOUTS

The tryout date and time for the new season is August 12-13.  9:45 a.m. NYTEX.  There will be a cost involved for tryouts.  More details to follow.   We are requiring all players wishing to tryout to pre-register this season.  Please see the link to the right. 

2017 - 2018 Keller ISD Hockey Season Fees

The board has worked hard this year to keep the cost down for the 2017-2018 High School Hockey Season, even though some expenses have greatly increased for the club.  There will be a few changes to payments, discounts, and fees this season.  Please contact Scott Yonce,, if you have any questions. 

The fees for 2017-2018 will be:

Player   $2,800      Multi “Player Only” Discount of $350 per player

Goalie   $1500

This is a change from the past.  Please note that ALL PAYMENT PLANS this year MUST be set up during registration on the web site with a check or credit card.  We will no longer be taking postdated checks for payment plans or payment plans outside the website.   

One of biggest expenses dealing with payments is the payment processing fees we are charged each year.  We looked at the fees and we had a choice.  We could raise the price to cover the cost per player, or we could pass along the cost to the parents and give them the choice of how they wish to pay.  To control the cost of the season, but still offer a discount, we will be presenting the following options.  The only discount will be on the day of registration.  If you pay in full using cash or a check on registration day ONLY, there will be no additional fees.  However, all payment plans, credit card payments, or payment plans using a check must be set up on the website when you register your player. 

The fees will be applied if you pay by check for a payment plan, credit card, or pay in full using a credit card.  Just so you have a reference point, the cost should be less than $95 per player for the fees.  The club is charged a 3.1% credit card or check processing fee, plus a $1.25 for every transaction.  I hope you can see how these fees add up for the Keller ISD Hockey Club and passing along these fees helps keep the overall cost down for the team as a whole.   We do understand that we could have just raised the overall fees to cover the cost, but we wanted to give the parents the clarity of why the cost increased and the option of keeping their cost down.

If you have not pre-registered for tryouts, please do so ASAP. 


Please refer to the Board Member page and the appropriate contact for your questions.

Keller ISD Hockey

Keller ISD Hockey is a High School Hockey Team.  Eligible players can start playing during their 7th grade year and continue through the 12th grade. 


2017-2018 Keller Hockey Tryouts


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