2020-2021 KISD Hockey Tryouts

Keep Hockey Open!

A gentle reminder from Keller Hockey, please be sure to strictly adhere to all regulations in regards to face coverings and social distancing at Pond Hockey and other Keller Events. We need to all work as a family to ensure hockey continues!

Discount Weekend June 12-14 Monkey Sports

Pond hockey starts in a matter of days, do you have the gear you need? We've partnered with Monkey Sports to help you get what you need with 15% off! Get out to Monkey Sports this weekend and gear up for this season.

As usual, some brands such as Bauer and CCM do not allow discounts on current items, but any clearance items or last year's items may be eligible. Remember to check their website for last year's models if you don't see them on the floor. Most likely Monkey Sports will have those items in the warehouse. I was also told some Bauer and CCM skates just went on clearance!

Don't forget to mention Keller ISD Hockey Club at checkout or bring this flier.

NYTEX Facilities Updates




NYTEX Sports Centre is reopening with limited activities on May 18th in accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to reopen the State of Texas.


Our facility has been deep cleaned, sanitized professionally & is kept clean with daily sanitation throughout high traffic areas.

Entrance & Participation requires participant preregistration / payment online. See protocol.

Dressing rooms have been sanitized & closed. See protocol.

Consistent sanitization prioritizes, not limited to, front desk, rental skates, floors, doors, rink glass, boards, player benches, penalty boxes, dressing rooms, showers & restrooms.

Masks will not be provided by the facilities. Patrons or Guests arriving without a protective face covering will not be permitted into the building.


Monday, May 18 to 31st:

The Centre opens 30 minutes prior to first event each day with limited activities. Participation requires preregistration / payment online prior to entering. Maximum numbers monitored in accordance with State of Texas Guidelines. Tentative Program information may be adjusted.

Check NYTEX Sports Networks, Websites & Social Media for current schedule / information of Public Skating, Open Hockey, Competitors Club & Open Free Style. Private Ice is also available.

Monday, June 1:

Jr Brahma’s Camps, Clinics & Selects programs will begin to practice in small groups. Dressing rooms may be available at that time.

Monday, June 8:

NYTEX Sports Summer Selects Program will have its first events on ice.

Monday, June 15:

Goal: All NYTEX Sports Centre on-ice events will begin in full.

Facility and Rink Entrance Protocol

Before entering the facility there will be an information sign regarding safety measures once inside.

Each person participating on the ice will need to have pre-registered and paid online.

If not registered and there is still space available, we would allow anyone to use their phone to register at that time.

No one will be permitted to enter the facility without a mask.

It is expected that each participant come already dressed in their hockey gear, less helmet and skates.

Once inside an “ambassador” will greet each customer. The ambassador will direct them to the staging area.

The staging area is where participants will be allowed to put on their skates and helmet.

Directions of how players enter the ice surface and leave the ice surface will be present at staging area.

Limited Spectator viewing area will be available, however access to the Ice Arena is limited to instructors and participants ONLY. There is a live stream available through our partner Live Barn for those wanting to watch on-ice activity via remote access. (More LiveBarn info)

UPDATED: May 11, 2020 4pm CST

Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey is currently postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders. Once the all clear is sounded we'll present dates fore pond hockey.

Covid-19 Banquette Updates

Keller ISD Hockey is currently monitoring events and patiently waiting for rinks to reopen. The board is currently working with our vendors and following the Keller ISD district in regards to activities and events. Due to the current environment the 2019-2020 end of season banquette is in jeopardy. We will make a decision in the coming weeks in regards to the viability of the banquette.

2019 Senior Night