Social Media

Keller ISD Hockey Club Student-Athlete Social Networking Policy

Social Media

Social Media refers to internet-based applications designed to create and share user generated content. Any form of digital magazines, internet forums, web-blogs, podcasts, photographs, video, rating and social bookmarking found on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or Tumblr that is open to public viewing is considered to be social media. As the user of these platforms, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves responsibly as members of their respective team, and the Keller ISD Hockey Club. Users must understand that any content shared is expected to follow acceptable social behaviors outlined in this document. Violations of this policy are subject to investigation and sanctions outlined in this document, and are also subject to review by state and federal law enforcement.

Prohibited Conduct

As a student-athlete, you must accept responsibility for your social media use. It is your job to project the values and responsibilities of the Keller ISD Hockey Club as a highly visible member of the community. Any malicious use of social media platforms shall not be tolerated. Malicious use may include but not limited to;

  1. Derogatory language or remarks regarding fellow athletes, students, coaches, administrators, faculty and staff of Keller ISD Hockey Club, or any other hockey club, including but not limited to hockey clubs related to the DFW Metroplex.

  2. Demeaning statements or threats that endanger the safety of another person.

  3. Incriminating photos or statements regarding illegal criminal behavior, underage drinking use of illegal drugs, sexual harassment or violence.

  4. Indicating knowledge of the acts listed above.


Any malicious use can be investigated by representatives of Keller ISD Hockey Club, as well as civil authorities. Upon investigation and the severity of the incident can result in sanctions by the appropriate body. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to;

  1. Written notification from the Keller ISD Hockey Club to the student identifying the offense and mandated removal of the violation.

  2. Temporary or indefinite suspension from their team.

  3. Dismissal from athletic team.

  4. Non-renewal of athletic grant/scholarship.