No Pass No Play

Keller ISD Hockey Club 2018-2019

A no-pass-play policy will be administered as required by the KISD Administration and the KISD Athletic Department. Each player will be required to submit to the Academic Eligibility requirements outlined in the Keller ISD Ice Hockey Sportsmanship Protocol and consistent with school district and UIL policies and procedures. Eligibility will be determined based on KISD and AT&T High School Hockey policy. Players who have not passed all subjects for the period will be considered ineligible to participate in accordance with league rules.

Each player will send a screenshot of their grades (passing or not) to Include the player’s name in the subject line of the email and make sure the photo is clear and sharp so the grades are legible. This is a private email address. Grades will not be discussed by anyone except the Board designee and the player/parent. It is the player’s responsibility to provide grades to the Board designee by each predetermined date to remain eligible to play. The Board designee will not contact the schools for grades.

Any player who does not submit their grades by the deadline, will not be eligible to play in games – passing or not. If a grade is listed as “I” or Incomplete, the player cannot play in a game until written notice from the teacher or a new screenshot showing the passing grade is sent to the email address. The notice must be received 24 hours before game time to be eligible to play in that week’s game.

A student that is protesting a grade on a report card for any grading period is ineligible until such time the protest is concluded and a final passing grade rendered.

A student who receives, at the end of any grading period (after the first six weeks of the school year), a grade below 70 in any class (other than a school identified advanced class) may not participate in extracurricular activities for three school weeks. An ineligible student may practice, however.The student regains eligibility after the seven-calendar day waiting period has ended following a grading period or the 3 school weeks evaluation period when the principal and teachers determine that he or she has earned a passing grade (70 or above) in ALL classes, other than those that are advanced.

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