Player Coach Agreement

Keller ISD Hockey Player Coach Agreement

1. The Head coach reserves the right to move players between teams as he deems necessary for player development or team performance. Players involved in such a move will be notified in person of any change in their team assignment.

2. Every player has their own gifts and talents, which brings uniqueness to the table. The Keller ISD Hockey Club will not tolerate any malicious attacks on any player for any reason. This rule will apply in the locker room as well as on the ice. Each player has been chosen with a high expectation of character, and will be held to high standards

3. This hockey club enforces the no pass-no play policy that is in place with the AT&T Hockey League.

4. If I fail to follow the dress code established by my head coach, I will be penalized.

5. I will bring sweats, running shoes, shorts, etc., and be ready to stretch, and warm-up with the team.

6. I will not talk with on-ice Referees and Linesmen, unless they are asking me a direct question or I am a captain.

7. I will be penalized by the coach in whatever way he deems appropriate if:

a. I get an unnecessary penalty after the whistle has been sounded.

b. I talk back, swear, or use obscene or vulgar language at any time during a Kelly ISD Hockey Club event.

8. I will also be penalized if I get mad and leave the practice or if I am asked to leave by the coach. If this behavior is repeated, the severity of the penalty will increase.

9. I may not play in the next game when I do not give100% during practice.

10. If I refuse or forget to take responsibility for the team pucks or water bottles when asked, I will not expect to use the pucks or bottles in the next practice.

11. If I will be late or will miss a practice (on or off ice) or a game, I will call my team manager and/or coach as soon as possible. This is my responsibility, not my parents. If I am not at a practice at the beginning of practice without properly coordinating through my team manager, I will be penalized. This includes missing or arriving late for my scheduled office practice.

12. The coaches will provide performance feedback to players on a regular basis. I affirm that I have read and understand the above rules. I understand my responsibilities and the consequences of my behavior.