Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Players Rules and Penalties

Keller ISD Hockey has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for certain violations. All players and their parent representative must sign and agree to this policy prior to being allowed to practice and/or play with Keller ISD Hockey.

For this form, “ANY Hockey Facility” is considered all ice hockey facilities associated with AT&T Metroplex ice hockey, including facilities and hotels the team may travel to for tournaments and/or out of the DFW area for hockey games. The “facility” also includes the parking lot and the players vehicles.

  1. If a player is caught inside ANY Hockey facility or attending a hockey game in which they are participating in or not, with tobacco products and/or vape material (with nicotine or without), the player will receive an automatic 3-week suspension from both games and practices. If a player is caught outside the hockey facility, they will receive an automatic 2-week suspension from both games and practices. If there is an additional offense, the player will be removed from the team, and the player/parent will forfeit the fees paid. After the first instance, a note will be put in the players file, and this will carry forward throughout the remainder of the player’s time with Keller ISD Hockey. The second offense, regardless of time elapsed going forward, will result in a removal from the team. The player will be eligible for tryouts the following season.

  2. Players who are caught cyberbullying teammates or posting negative things to social media regarding Keller ISD Hockey and/or their Keller Teammates, or other High School teams and/or players will be brought before a disciplinary committee. If the player is found in violation, the player will receive up to a 2-week suspension from both games and practices. A notice will be placed in the player’s file for the remainder of their time with Keller Hockey as the first violation. If the player receives an additional offence, they will be removed from Keller ISD Hockey for the remainder of the year and forfeit fees paid. The player will be eligible for tryouts the following season.

  3. If a player is caught with drugs and/or alcohol at ANY Hockey Rink Facility, the player will be immediately removed from the team for the remainder of the season. To be eligible for a return to the team the following year, the player must appear before a disciplinary committee, and the disciplinary committee must approve or reject the return to the team based on information provided regarding the offense and corrective actions.